David Hezkial informs buyer or seller every detail about the property

As a real estate professional, David Hezkial provides guidance and assists sellers and buyers in marketing and purchasing property for the right price under the best terms. He also determines the needs and the financial abilities of the clients to propose solutions that suit them.

David Hezkial

Being a renowned real estate agent, David interviews clients to determine what kinds of properties they are seeking. He gathers customer or product information to determine the customer needs. He coordinates property closings, thus overseeing the signing of documents and disbursement of funds.

David Hezkial acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. He is quite knowledgeable about the real estate markets and best practices. He also develops networks and cooperates with attorneys, mortgage lenders, and contractors.

Formerly, David managed a wide range of clients by searching for residential properties for personal residence and investments. He worked with new and previously owned residential and commercial sales and leases. Besides, he developed marketing strategies for real estate listings. David is tasked with growing his customer base by generating the leads, counseling the clients on marketing conditions, and developing competitive market price.

As a renowned real estate agent, David Hezkial markets properties by advertising, preparing fliers, and hosting open houses. He is always available to inform a buyer or seller every detail about a property but in a careful manner to protect confidentiality and not to violate anyone’s rights.

Always loyal to the customers at any place and time, David is obliged to keep the interest of the clients ahead of any other parties and act accordingly. He knows how important is it to share the knowledge of the customer if it is necessary for transaction process without violating the confidentiality duty.

David Hezkial knows how to manage his own time and schedules, thus making sure that he is hustling to get the word out about the properties and find the information that clients need.

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Serving as a lecturer in a renowned University, David Hezkial delivers lectures to a group of students and uses advanced teaching techniques to inspire and motivate them for higher level qualifications and thereafter employment.

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